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Network Design & Installation

System IT provide network design and installation services throughout Cumbria and South West Scotland. We have many years' experience and know-how to plan, supply and implement computers networks ranging from a small office setup to multiple sites with hundreds of users.

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We can install switches, routers and firewalls from all the leading manufactures, ensuring that you have a robust and efficient network infrastructure.

Our network team can design and install all types of networking including WAN, LAN, wireless and structured cable networks.

There are three phases to Network Design and installation,

  1. Phase 1 - The gathering of external information
  2. Phase 2 - The planning process
  3. Phase 3 - Network Design

Phase 1

At the outset initial discussion is had with the customer in order to gather as much external information as possible which provides us and the customer of what will be involved in getting a new network. This information will include looking at:

  • Forecasts of how a new network / support service will operate
  • The implied costs of having a new network installed
  • The technical details / specifications of the networks capabilities

Phase 2

The planning process consists of three main steps:

  • Topological design - This stage involves determining where to place components and how to connect them.
  • Network-synthesis - This stage involves determining the size of components used subject to performance criteria.
  • Network realisation - This stage looks at how to meet with capacity requirements, and how to best ensure reliability within the network.

Phase 3

During the design process the following areas are considered:

  • Forecasting - This is where estimates are made of the expected traffic intensity and traffic load that the network must support.
  • Dimensioning - Determines the minimum capacity that is required to allow traffic intensity and traffic load. Dimensioning looks at planning for peak –hour traffic, the hour in the day when traffic intensity is at its peak. The dimensioning process determines the networks topology, routing plan, traffic matrix and Grade of Service requirements to be met.
  • Traffic Engineering - Adds resources such as links, routers and switches into the network, traffic engineering targets changing traffic paths on the existing network to alleviate traffic congestion or accommodate more traffic demand.
  • Survivability - Network survivability enables the network to maintain maximum network connectivity and quality of service under failure conditions and is one of the critical requirements in network planning and design.

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