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Tablets / Mobile Devices

A growing category in the I.T. industry, Tablet Computers are dominating computing world. At System I.T. we invest time and money into researching the best mobile devices, making sure that we seek the best value and performance for our customers.


Tablet Computers vary in size and performance with many desirable features that are found in their larger relations – the PC and Laptop. In their slim, portable form factor, key features such as multi-touch screen, Bluetooth, detachable keyboards, cameras and a multitude of operating systems feature in the specifications of many Tablet Computers.

The most popular Tablets are the Apple iPad and Windows Tablets. With solutions such as Mobile Device Management and Windows 8 Professional on Tablets, you can be assured that you will have a secure, manageable and hassle free experience.

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Monarch LapCabby/Tabcabby

System I.T. is proud to provide a wide range of laptop/tablet trolleys from Monarch Computer Furniture to free up space and to create a flexible learning space in your school. The trolleys are a simple solution for any kind of premises.

These mobile, stable and secure units are an alternative for an ICT suite if you are short on space. They free up space for other use and act as a storage unit for laptops/tablets. Innovative features make these trolleys the only choice in charging mobile devices and storage for the modern learning environment. All items we provide are delivered fully assembled.

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